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Whether by cable, wireless or mobile it is the Network that is the artery down which all your data must travel. To use an analogy there is no point in having a Sports Car with a Lawnmower Engine.

Cabled Networks

We can advise on and arrange the installation of both your required structured cabling and the switches that link the Network together.

Broadband and Remote Access

By adding an appropriate broadband package and Router we can set up not just your internet access but also enable the option for Remote Working.

Wireless and Power Line Networks

Escape from the need to have fixed cabling in your Office or Home whether for one room or a whole building by using Wireless technology. Wireless gives you the freedom to roam and the latest technology offers increased speeds, security and a reduction in dead spots. For those where this is still an issue we can supply high gain antenna’s to overcome the problem.

Alternatively new Poweline technology makes use of your existing electricity outlets and can be used as a replacement or alongside a wireless solution.

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