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A server sits at the centre of your Business or Home Network to act as a central Application/Media, Storage and Back up repository. There are some key differences between using a PC as a Data Host, which is the common first step when installing a machine to machine (peer to peer) Network, and dedicated Server Hardware.

First, they use a chipset that is designed specifically for server applications. The chipset is stress tested for ECC memory support, a critical feature for server dependability. Second, they are specifically designed for and rigorously tested with server applications in demanding server configurations. This testing cycle ensures optimal performance and dependability when deployed . Finally, there is an ergonomic chassis that makes typical server hardware configuration changes simple. Also by not including expensive graphics or sound cards found in desktop PCs it is possible to offer true server functionality at an equivalent of a desktop PC price.

Recognising the importance of a Server to your business we recommend the Hewlett Packard Proliant range which is a recognised market leader. Of course if you have a particular preference for another manufacturer such as IBM we would be happy to assist.

Back Up

A quality Server provides the ideal platform for a robust back up solution. We endeavour to use the available options in order to achieve more than a single point of failure for this most important of operations. Our preferred prime form of back up though remains an appropriately sized Tape unit from the likes of HP or Sony.

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