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PC's, Macs & Laptops


With what seems like ever decreasing prices there really is no need to hang onto that creaking old machine. These workhorses of IT have a great impact on productivity at Work or pleasure at Home.


We supply a wide range of business and home desktop PCs to meet your needs ranging from traditional towers to small form factor and media centres. In addition we are happy to specify a custom machine from select components offering you the ultimate choice. Our branded models come from many leading names including Sony, Shuttle, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu and Acer.


With the success of the Ipod and the recent move of Apple to use Intel processors we are seeing far more interest in the Mac option. With some additional Software you will be able to have a Mac and simply switch between Mac OSX and Windows as you see fit, the best of both worlds!

Laptops and PDA’s

If you need to change your location frequently, why not consider a Notebook, PDA or Smart Phone.
There are devices at a size and options to suit any requirements and with increased processing power the gap between these and your PC is decreasing all the time.

Have a business, gaming or media centre which allows you to choose where you use it.


To complete your purchase you may wish to consider the wide range of other options available in our online shop from great Flat Panel Displays, Printers, Power solutions and even the good old Keyboard and Mouse.

Remember at Lets Face It we pride ourselves on being able to offer customers ‘Online Prices backed by a Local Service’.

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