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Computer Associates


Protect your home and business systems from attack by malicious users with CA's antivirus, backup, firewall, anti-spyware, intrusion detection and secure content management solutions.


Whilst the availability of Broadband and importance of the Internet and Email to Business has increased it has unfortunately given rise to an opportunity for the script kiddies to create havoc on your Systems.

Increased user awareness and regularly updated systems can help but you also need to consider further reducing the risk of downtime of your PC or Network by installing eTrust Anti-virus, Pest Patrol Anti-spyware and Anti-Spam software.

Available as stand-alone products or under the new Integrated Threat Management Suite these are tried and tested solutions from one of the main software suppliers.

Arcserve (protecting your valuable data)

Computer Associates' BrightStor Arcserve Backup for Windows is as sophisticated as it easy to use, making it a highly capable option for backing up your network. A wizard feature called My First Backup makes it a snap to prepare media, designate what to back up, and schedule future jobs. Advanced options are also available which will ensure that your backup strategy can develop with your Business.

Alternative Backup Options

For users who do not require the sophistication that Arcserve provides we will work with you to establish the appropriate strategy. Whether this is to CD/DVD, Hard Drive, Online or Tape we are here to help.

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